Members of Association

What is SIDEA?

Intelligence. Responsibility. Competence. Experience

Who are we?

Smart professionals  capable of building volumetric letters, outdoor adverts or lightning signs for your office, home or personal event. Speed and high quality provides additional value and visibility for your products. You will benefit from our knowledge and competence. Your appreciation is our success.

What do we do?

  • Volumetric letters production
  • Outdoor advertising and signboxes production
  • Interior design and details – furniture, lamps, trading equipment
  • Car decor
  • Original solutions to various advertising and decor ideas

Why do we do this?

  • Not only what is written is important, but also what it looks like.
  • We have experience, lots of ideas and energy.
  • We seek to fill the suroundings with quality advertisments and signboxes, and make our clientele happy with exceptional, tasteful interior and originally implemented advertising ideas.